Salamlek Cafe


is a unique first of kind cafe concept in the region opened its first outlet in the famous Dubai Mall. Another outlet is opening in Al Ain and others to follow in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Omar and the rest of the Gulf countries.

Specialized in serving the freshly baked Kunafa in a contemporary style with various modern toppings maintaining the traditional taste of Kunafa beside other selective pastry, delicious traditional and contemporary coffee beverages, including Karak and fresh juices.

Kunafa is a traditional regional cheese pastry dessert made in Palestine (Nablus), Syria (Hums), Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and very popular in the eastern mediterranean cuisines. Salamlek brings the delicious Kunafa to UAE and the Gulf.


With Fruits Top




salamlek-Kounafa With Ashta Top


salamlek-Knafa With Nuts

salamlek-K.Fruits and Tea